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10/10 5/5

IO luv trhis song man! nice blues song. how did u make this on jamglue? i cant find these soundsl.

KorpzeAudio responds:

lol... thanks? im a bit confused here, you say 10/10 5/5 but you give me a 0, and this isnt blues.

Best trance song of this kind?

Everything goes together perfectly, I could listen to this for hours if I had to.

I think you did a very awesome job on this song!! I WANT MOAR SONGS LIKE THIS!!

I want to hear more songs like this from you!
I never heard this style of trance on NG.

Zooloo75 responds:

Thank you, and I will make more of this kind of trance.

Thanks for enjoying the song.

Great song, deserves top 5!!!!

This is one of the better songs on Newgrounds, I couldn't beleive how well you mastered this song, it sounds so clear!
The hats brought my attention, I feel like im staring at an island and it's turning into a city!
You've done excellent on this song, 10/10 5/5

Zooloo75 responds:

No way!!! That's exactly what I pictured!!!

Thats fucking nice!

You got some guitar skills!! But your drumming isnt good.
Listen to our band!

80 Degrees

AAAAApenguin responds:

Wow thanks!

What an awesome song man!!!

The beginning made the song sound like it was going to be an ambience song but then I was surprised by how everything changed throughout the song!
I like the pads, and strings.
The effects are ncie, and you mastered everything perfectly!

10/10 5/5

P.S. I hate 0 bombings.

Zooloo75 responds:

When I was making the song, it was going to be an ambient song but then I decided to turn it into a trance song.
Thnx for the review.

fuckign awesome!

sounds so awesome witht he huge speakers in the house! i woke my neighbor up, she came over and rang the doorbell and asked me what all the noise was about, well, i brought her in let her listen to the song. i then fucked her on the ccouch! love this song! i scored woot!

LivingStick responds:

Congratulations. Your the Winner!

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